About Miilestone Philosophy


We believe in golf’s ability to build, enhance and amplify brands. We recognize the sport’s power to generate emotion and loyalty as well as concrete results. But in today’s ever-changing and often unstable environment, feeling and believing are not enough. And business as usual is simply not an option.

Enter Milestone Sports Management. We refer to ourselves as a total immersion firm, squarely focused on the platform of golf. But you can call us the new standard in branding, management and stewardship.

Our strategies and executions are never defined nor dictated by set in stone tactics, short-lived trends nor specific technologies.

The Milestone Philosophy

    • Integrate golf and its dynamic players into the very language of the brand
    • Actively engage customers, fans and prospects on the venerated platform of golf
    • Methodically measure the results of every engagement; every initiative against objectives and investments

And as opposed to the unwieldy, unchanging and uninspired nature of traditional agencies and management firms, Milestone masterfully fuses pervasive experience and time-tested strategies with agility and flexibility.

The world calls for a new model. Consider Milestone our response.