Milestone Principal, Jeff Stacy is the embodiment of total immersion management and branding.

His multifaceted and exhaustive experience on the player representation side of the equation is equaled only by his intuitive approach and hyper-detailed executions for corporate consulting clients and brand partners.

Over the past decade, Stacy has garnered a well-earned reputation for delivering best-in-class service to a bevy of golf���s elite professionals, and for integrating those players into the language of world-class brands — brands that represent household names in the consumer electronics, insurance, entertainment, packaged goods, food & beverage, financial and automotive categories.

And like the other Milestone principals, Jeff maintains a multitude of mutually beneficial, mutually respectful relationships with the sport’s domestic and international governing bodies and media, as well as powerful partnerships among the golf’s most venerated and forward-looking equipment and apparel manufacturers, retailers and innovators.

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