How We Set Your Brand Apart

Our goal is to transform tickets, hospitality and logos into a business & brand-building platform that truly illustrates who your brand is and what it stands for.

Power and passion. These are words we often use when describing the sport of golf. But, we do not use these words lightly. We have devoted our lives to, and built a company around the game that we love, respect and are committed to protect and promote.

At Milestone Sports Management, we enter into every endeavor with the underlying mission to tap into golf’s natural energy and weave it into the very fabric of the brands we serve. We use golf and its athletes as platforms to tell brand stories, to make tangible connections and to build long-lasting relationships.

Milestone prides itself on the ability to recognize, develop, evaluate, execute and if necessary, retool and redeploy golf-based partnerships that positively position your brand with key audiences and directly align with your underlying business targets. And in order to successfully impact profitability & growth, we start by listening and understanding the background, requirements, as well as the aspirations of all business units and constituents.